Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Signs of The Black Ark

i am your end and your beginning...

i am the soul without fear...

i am your tower of strength...

i am your last strand of faith...

i am your grain of sand...

i am the sins of your soul...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a Question

i have a question, what would you do if someone who you really have a soft side to and really fond of hime/her, did something wrong? you can easily forgive them right?

but how would you feel if this person, still cant get over with his/her issues and still holding a grudge towards people no matter how many times they ask for forgiveness?

fuck it

Helluva Fun Time !

finally i got over her, we have settled what we owed between each other
however, still cant believe that we ended up like this hmmmm
the last few days seems to be very very busy and sociable, its a way to get over her anyways...yesterday visited Shima's house for bowlSSSS of spaghetti and also Shasha's Caramel Pudding, t'was good! and quite unique tho, usually our recipe would also include bread in it hehehehe

went to the Air Force museum and took pictures there, will upload the pictures in facebook and also here when im ready with it

on Saturday went to Anisa's house for the wedding preparation which the deadline would by end of this month. i find the door gifts to be unique and cute! will also upload the photos soon :)

was there the whole day till late night as we had steamboat in Alamanda Putrajaya, good place to go socializing :)

i cant wait to upload the photos when i get back home, anyways just informing that am now feeling good and you dont have to worry as life needs to go on

somehow when you're in a tight situation, quotes always pops up in your mind

"though hanging by a single thread, experience it head on and go on with life. these are tests from god, accept the challenge full-heartedly"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Song for the Healing woot ! woot !

layannnnnnnnnn :)

Incubus - Nice To Know You

Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons.
Better than witnessing new born nebulas in bloom.
She who sees from 'up high' smiles and surely sings.
Perspective pries her once weighty eyes and it
Gives you wings.

I haven't felt the way I feel today
In so long it's hard for me to specify.
I'm beginning to notice how much this feels
Like a waking limb... in pins and needles,
Nice to know you, good-bye x 4
Nice to know you... to know you

Deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go.
Higher than the heights of what we often think we know.
Blessed she who clearly sees the wood for the trees.
To obtain a 'birds eye' is to turn a blizzard to a breeze.

I haven't felt the way I feel today
In so long it's hard for me to specify.
I'm beginning to notice how much this
Feels like a waking limb... pins and needles,
Nice to know you, Good-bye x4
Nice to Know You,
To know... You

So could it be that it had been there all along?

I haven't felt the way I feel today
In so long it's hard for me to specify.
I'm beginning to notice how much this
Feels like a waking limb... pins and needles,
Nice to know you, Good-bye, x4
Nice to Know You
To know..You

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epic Failure

today is the point of my life where i can actually view my values and also my whole relationship life

whereas, yesterday was a very, very confusing day...i am not sure if i am confused, disappointed, angry nor heart-broken

all i can say is the relationship has officially ended...she dressed to kill just to explain that we really need to breakup due to her personal reasons

i dont want to be pushy of any sort so therefore accepted the request without any resistance though it was really hard to take it, coz it took me like a S&A missile into a Taliban's hideout =_=

was hit by this yesterday (Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile)

for now, all i can say is i really am gonna miss her without any doubt. its easy to say that we can just move on. i really do need to get to my senses. therefore i really thank most of my friends yesterday who comforted me, you guys know who you are, additionally mama, dad in Rawang, aunty Lina and also huss i really love you all :)

may Allah Forgive me and her after all we went through though it was a short one and i dont take this relationship as a mistake

just take it positively... salam

P/S: due to the excitement of wanting to see her, i innocently wrote her name in the sand in PD...maybe its symbolic, as the name will be swept out to the sea sooner or later...we'll just move on somehow ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Days of Depression

i can't believe that our relationship just wasted down the drain like that...i told her that we can still rebuild this relationship but unfortunately she came to her own conclusion that it will not work out any longer

having mixed feelings these few days which is either anger or sadness...anger because wasnt given the chance to really explain the real situation and to show that i still have affection towards her and sadness because this shitty incident just happened when we really got to know each other

so for now we are still having our break, i dont mean to condemn or anything but she keep her feelings to herself which makes this situation un-curable

i need help :(

From DeviantArt

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FINALLY!!!! i remembered my email address and password that i was using for this blog ... yezzaaaaaa!!!!

well lotsa things happened...in 2 years that this blog wasnt updated...seriously ALOT!!!

will keep updated when i get home today :)